Is a trial necessary?

No, it is not necessary, but HIGHLY recommended. I like to believe this is a relationship. It is important for us to get to know you as well as your skin and hair type. At the trial, we will be showing you several options and making adjustments based on your feelings and opinion, and this process requires time. We want to answer all your questions and prepare you for what to expect that day. We often give you recommendations for the day based on our experience working with brides and photographers. More time is always better than not enough. The more we know the better prepared we are to schedule your day and meet all your beauty needs.

What should I expect at the trial?

For us, this is the most important part of the process. There are three components to having the perfect trial; Clear Expectations, Communication and Honesty. We want to have open communication with our brides and our artists. You should have dry, CLEAN hair and NO facial product. We like to trial both hair and make-up, together, from start to finish. All hair and skin types are different and have different needs. Not all products work best on every skin type. Leave it to us to share with you something new and use the products we like best while educating you new techniques. You can see the end result and make adjustments from there, if necessary. Your honest feedback will help with our communication as well as work our way to the perfect look! We will show you several options, at your request, based on our consultation.

Note: Be prepared to answer questions about your skin and hair care as well as specific make-up and styling techniques you use and like. We want to cover all bases to make sure we can provide you with the best service.

How long will the trial take?

The trial is typically 3-4 hours for both hair and make-up services, approximately 2 hours for hair alone and a little less than that for make-up. However, each bride and each artist work a little differently. If you have a precise time-frame that needs to be met, please share that with us.

Is there a travel fee?

Yes, there is a travel fee which varies depending on location. Our artists only attend to one bridal party per day to provide the best quality work for you. Travel time adds to the length of that day. We like to take care of the wear and tear on the commute of our artists and make sure they are always at their best.

Why is there an additional charge for another stylist?

Depending on the schedule for the day and requirements, in order for all services to be completed on time, the artist may request an assistant or another stylist. We want to make sure everything is smoothly coordinated for you. This will apply with parties of 6 or more, or an event starting before 7 AM.

We are here to help you create a memorable experience on your wedding day. If you have specific requests or the answers to your questions have not been met, contact us for more details.